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New World Anthology
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"New World is an anthology about culture clash. 24 sci-fi and fantasy stories about when civilizations meet: conflict, commerce, conquest, and discovery. And this time, you're hearing both sides. "
'Daikaiju, Die!' is a 24-page kaiju neo-noir comic created by Iris Jay and Nero O'Reilly for this anthology. Anthology is b&w, softcover.

This book is for MATURE AUDIENCES- any purchase made by any persons under the legal age for viewing generally mature material (sexual situations, drug use, mature themes, etc etc etc) in their country is illegal. We cannot be held liable if this happens, as we have no way of being able to verify the cardholder's age/information without obstructing the normal flow of business. For more information, please contact tegmire@gmail.com or irisjaycomics@gmail.com.